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Welcome to Robert Windon 220, the official campaign website for Robert Windon, a father of Barrington school children, husband, former assistant state's attorney, and lifelong fiscal conservative who has announced his candidacy for the Barrington District 220 Board of Education.

Robert Windon and family.

Robert is among the first to acknowledge that the unusual times we find ourselves in bring unique challenges; but he believes they can also uniquely inspire and empower us to rise, to collaborate, and to act.

His platform combines vigilance for student's mental and physical well-being in the "new normal" post-COVID landscape, as well as continuing to deliver the high-level traditional learning programs that set Barrington apart and prepare its students for "what comes next." Robert is a firm supporter of Barrington's innovative non-traditional programs, such as language immersion in elementary schools and the business incubator program at the high school. He values the importance of the district remaining a good steward of taxpayer funds, and District 220's coveted AAA bond rating.

Robert will strive towards increased transparency and cutting costs to families, especially as our economy recovers in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. Through smart financial management and transparency in how money is allocated, Robert believes the district will be able to continue to thrive.

While the pandemic has loomed large on the minds of everyone in the 2020-21 school year, Robert knows that no school board can become single-minded in its focus, and that the time has come to prepare our students and our families for "what comes next." Robert has spent his career and his life building coalitions and bringing collaborators together, and he looks forward to getting to work doing the same for Barrington schools as we get back on track to uplifting our students and families for the safe, healthy, promising, and opportunistic future that lies ahead.


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